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8 weeks, 3 days

2012-04-05 - 3:45 p.m.

My main pregnancy symptom right now is exhaustion. You know that achy feeling you get in your muscles when you've been awake for like 24 hours? I start getting that now at 1 or 2 in the afternoon after getting up at 6. It's so uncool. Yesterday my husband asked me why I was so tired when the baby was so tiny. It was an unimpressively unsupportive statement. I told him the answer as best as I know it: it's the hormones. But he didn't really seem to buy it. I found that to be pretty annoying, but I let it go.

I took Roo to a place called Kids Cuts today to get his hair cut. He's 17 months old and it seemed like the woman didn't know how to deal with that. Maybe she didn't realize how young he is, but she kept treating him like he was a year older than he is. He screamed bloody murder the whole time. Instead of being smiling and reassuring and happy, she looked scared, which didn't help. Although she was horrible at keeping him calm, she did a great job of cutting his hair, especially considering the fact that he was definitely not holding still. This wasn't his first haircut in a public salon. Last time I took him to a place called Dooz 4 Kidz and although he thought about crying for sure, he never actually did. Unfortunately, that place is pretty inconvenient to get to. It might be worth it to go back there next time, though.

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